Awake My Soul, Mumford and Sons by Melting Hearts on Flickr.
Soul by Lauren Michelle Photography on Flickr.
Please, Don’t cry, you liar. by Alice, on Flickr.
everything that happens is… by prettyfnmess on Flickr.
untitled by Olivia.Themudo on Flickr.
the most beautiful discovery by amandakerril on Flickr.

Wait for the right things.
330 by mmmollie. on Flickr.
Lost and alone on some forgotten highway. I don’t know where Im going, but I sure know where I’ve been. (lyrics by John Denver). iPhone photo, pictureshow edit and text… by gogoloopie on Flickr.
untitled by Running Wolves on Flickr.
Stronger 3/365 by carE. on Flickr.
Raindrop 2/365 by carE. on Flickr.
#95 Fix you. by Chloe Hague. on Flickr.
regular / violent by elbow® on Flickr.
Tripping by fillzees on Flickr.